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Many practices in Seattle offer testing for clinical evaluation, but these evaluations are costly and time intensive. Surprisingly, the cost and wait time have more to do with formally diagnosing disorders and writing exhaustive reports than with testing itself. I am able to expedite testing and lower cost by 'unbundling' the relatively quick, affordable testing from the costly and lengthy process of diagnosis and report-writing.

With quicker, more affordable testing, more families can access testing to improve learning, seek admission to advanced placement programs or private schools, expedite special education evaluation, or just better understand their children.

Unbundled Testing

Test and report are separate, which allows you to get a faster understanding.

Quick Turn Around

Most services take months. I can perform and test and create the report in a week.

House Calls

I routinely travel between throughout the Seattle metro.

LD Screening

To test cognitive ability (IQ) and academic achievement I use, respectively, the WISC-V and the WIAT-III, the same gold-standard tools used in clinical evaluation.

I now offer screenings for Learning Disability through local pediatricians. Some of the conditions pediatricians treat are associated with a higher risk of learning disability, but this is difficult for them to investigate. Together we have developed a screening package for families who cannot access clinical evaluation but desire immediate, preliminary information and guidance on their child's learning needs.

For this screening, I use the leading abbreviated cognitive test (WASI-2) as well as selected reading and math 'sub-tests' from the WIAT-III.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) is a common concern of parents and teachers. As with other conditions, a clinical assessment can be time and cost prohibitive. Additionally, many families are interested in getting more information before seeking a clinical diagnosis.

For ADD/ADHD screening, I use the Connors-3, the leading rating scale. The Connors-3 is a system of questionnaires designed by researchers to discern whether a child's behaviors and symptoms are consistent with ADD/ADHD. It is not meant on its own to diagnose, but it is a good starting place.

The report generated by the by the Connors-3 statistical scoring software has a denser section at the beginning for clinicians, and a more accessible section at the end for parents. All of it is explained during our feedback session.

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I schedule appointments up to 3 months out. I typically respond to requests within 48 hours. My office is located in Pioneer Square, but I can also make house calls. I’m also house trained.


In my personal time, I stay busy as an avid hiker, slow runner, and new father of twin baby boys.

Professionally, in addition to running Test Northwest, I conduct psycho- educational assessments in the public schools with both struggling and highly capable students. I have also worked at the University of Washington and in regional parenting clinics as a consultant and therapist delivering research based interventions for ADHD and related conduct problems.

I earned my Master's degree in Educational Psychology from the UW. Prior to this, I attended the University of Massachusetts, earning Bachelor's Degrees in both Psychology and Philosophy and graduating Summa Cum Laude in each degree.

I hold the credential of Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) as well as Professional Level ESA in Washington. I have been a member of the National Association of School Psychologists since 2008 and am recognized by the Seattle Public Schools Advanced Learning Program as an approved examiner.

Matt Burke

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